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All of your questions can be answered here. Expand your wine knowledge with the Great Wines Online! Wine Questions? Page, which offers a wide variety of wine education, wine information and wine knowledge.


Wine Basics
Learn the basics of enjoying and understanding wine in our primer for new wine lovers.

Wine Glossary A-C D-H I-O P-S T-Z

A comprehensive glossary of wine-tasting and wine-making terminology.

Wine Types

The type of grape used in winemaking determines the type of wine produced. Here's a guide to the classic wine grape varietals grown around the world.

Wine Serving

Many customs have accompanied wine drinking through the years. None of them are meant to be intimidating or stuffy. You too can learn how to serve wine like a pro.

Wine Tasting

Here is a complete guide to mastering the art of tasting and comparing wines with friends at home.

Wine Glasses

Picking the right wine glasses isn't easy when confronted with the bevy of wine glasses on store shelves. Master the art of wine glasses here.

The History of Wine

The grape – where did it come from? How did somebody figure out they could crush it, ferment the juice, and come up with wine? Find out here.

Bordeaux Basics - FAQ

Perhaps the most famous wine region in the world, France's Bordeaux region is renowned for its intense red wines -- and its perplexing wine laws. We attempt to demystify Bordeaux here.

Pinot Noir - History

Pinot Noir, named after the noble Pinot family for the pine cone shape of its grape clusters, has a twisted lineage.

The Cork!

The tradition of popping the cork. How did this start? Why is cork used and who used it first?