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America is on a quest to learn more about wine. Most of us have been to wine and cheese parties, but how about taking it one step further with an at-home tasting? Home wine tastings can be simple, fun and cost effective.

The Varietal Challenge

One of the best ways to explore the nuances of wine is to hold a single varietal tasting, I suggest that you choose six wines made from one important wine grape, with each wine originating from a different wine-growing region. The "Varietal Challenge" allows participants to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the way different climates, soils and growing conditions affect the aroma, taste and texture of wines made from the same grape.

Home Wine Tasting Party Overview

For a first at-home tasting, I suggest that you select the following six different Chardonnay-based wines:

1. a white Burgundy

2. a California Chardonnay

3. an Australian Chardonnay

4. a South American Chardonnay

5. an Italian Chardonnay

6. a New Zealand Chardonnay

Try to keep the price of each of these wines about the same.

One thing to note:

The word "Chardonnay" does not appear on white Burgundy labels such as Chablis or Meursault. Most French wines are labeled by region, not grape type. By French wine law, however, all white Burgundies must be made from the Chardonnay grape.