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Take a wine country tour online with Great Wines Online! Learn about popular wine countries and their wine regions, wine types, geography, cuisine and wine country vacations. Features Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and United States.

Argentina Wine Country
The name conjures up images of soccer, tango, Pampas, and Evita. But there is more, much more. It is a country of endless variety that offers you a stupendous range of colours, scents, styles, customs, geography and cuisine.


Australia Wine Country
From mangoes, to goat's cheese, to crisp wines, Australia will take your tastebuds on the ride of a lifetime. The rich diversity of restaurants, cafes, vineyards and markets are a feast for all the senses that will make the flavours of Australia linger long after you've left.


Chile Wine Country
Chile's wines and fruit have developed an international reputation, and are produced mainly in the central zone. Typical Chilean food is pretty simple and simply seasoned. Some of our dishes are empanadas, corn pies, and corn cakes, but perhaps our most delicious is seafood.


France Wine Country
Winemaking in France dates back to pre-Roman times, also it was the Romans who disseminated the culture of the wine and the practice of winemaking throughout the country.


Italy Wine Country
Italy, with a population of about 57 million, consists of 20 regions subdivided into 103 provinces that take the names of prominent towns. Each province boasts distinctive foods and wines, which, needless to say, have an inherent affinity for one another.


New Zealand Wine Country
New Zealand has ten main wine growing regions, each displaying a great diversity in climate and terrain. New Zealand Cuisine like Rack of Lamb, New Zealand Style of course, Smoked Fish on Toasted Ciabatta are but a few of the creative foods of New Zealand. Of course who could forget New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!


Portugal Wine Country
A country whose long history has always been illuminated by the sun. In addition to its magnificent beaches and innumerable sports and activities, Portugal also has a fascinating culture and heritage. A visit to Portugal also brings with it the chance to enjoy the rich diversity of flavors offered by Portuguese cuisine.


South Africa Wine Country
South Africa South Africa is triple blessed. A long and varied coastline supplies us with an astonishing amount and variety of seafood; our fertile soils and wonderful climate work together to produce an enormous range of agricultural products. Our seafood is legendary, and is best sampled at one of the West Coast's open air restaurants. But nothing can beat a good wine from the Cape - a notable wine-growing region for over 300 years.


Spain Wine Country
One of Spain’s greatest attractions is, without a shadow of doubt, its cuisine, which is one of the best in the world for both quality and variety. Accurately speaking, one cannot talk of a national cuisine but rather of a multiplicity of regional cuisines influenced in each case by the climate and local way of life.